Uganda & UNESCO
1st Edition - 2012/2013 Annual Report
208 pages - Publishing Date: May 2013

The “Uganda and UNESCO” report covers a wide range of topical issues to inform the decision-makers of UNESCO’s local and regional activities. This report also provides information on environmental, social and economic aspects of Uganda.

The report is produced and circulated in both printed and online versions. By combining two mediums, we aim at reaching as many administrators and managers as possible and all persons interested in Uganda, thereby facilitating information exchange at national, regional and international levels.

The printed version is circulated free of charge to senior managers in the private sector, ministries and public offices, diplomatic missions, UN representation offices, NGO’s, development organizations and universities. The online version is distributed to our all contacts database covering regional and international domain. The online version, which is professionally indexed on web directories and search engines, is available on our website link: