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Page Background Give your business the advantage of our expertise that combines the best of global knowledge as well as comprehensive local insights and experience. Atlas Mara is a fully capitalised Zambian financial services institution which is a subsidiary of Atlas Mara Limited. Atlas Mara is a financial services holding company for a group of banks operating in Sub-Sahara Africa whose objective is to become a leading financial services group across the continent. The Group has operations in Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe through subsidiaries operating in each of these countries. In Zambia, the bank operates through a network of 74 branches strategically located across the country through which we serve our customer base. The bank has operated for over 30 years offering solutions which build on the experience gathered from our years of servicing Financial, Development and Multilateral Institutions, Public Sector Institutions, Local and International Corporates through our Corporate and Investment Banking division. We have built reputable expertise and deep understanding of local banking requirements combined with global best practices which we leverage to deliver the unique solutions to address needs of our customers. We are confident that through our banking offering, we will clearly demonstrate that we are positioned to partner with you to structure and execute optimal processing efficiencies and deliver world class service. Atlas Mara Value Proposition At Atlas Mara we endeavour to build relationships with our clients based on partnership and mutual benefit. Our proposition hinges on a full suite of workable and scalable localised solutions which result in enhanced processing efficiency, assured security and significant reduction in banking costs. Through our understanding of the unique needs and objectives of our clients, we will leverage our capabilities to deliver value by combining the following: • A strong, dedicated team of Relationship Managers and Product Specialists who ensure quality service delivery. • A robust and fully technology-enabled cash management infrastructure that supports collections, payments and overall fund optimization. • Best-fit financing solutions across working capital and long term lending solutions. • World class financial markets and treasury solutions. • Competitive and transparent pricing for products and services. Collections Atlas Mara appreciates the criticality of an efficient collections process supported by timely and accurate information flows. Atlas Mara has on offer a wide range of collection solutions that will minimize cash handling risks and ensure sales are banked timely. These include the following; • Onsite cash pickups through cash-in-Transit (CIT) Services • BankOnWheels • Mobile Branch Facility • Teller implant Services • Point of Sale Services Liquidity Management and Reporting Atlas Mara offers a range of liquidity management solutions aimed at enhancing client’s fund management objectives. You can leverage on the Atlas Mara internet banking platform. Our customers are able to optimize fund management and maximize returns on cash balances as well as real-time access to information on overall liquidity positions as and when required. Liquidity Management: Optimal account structures that provide better returns on excess funds, lower costs, greater control over cash balances, better solutions for short-term funding gap and more effective management and mitigation of financial risks. Customers can utilize sweeping mechanisms to manage positions by moving funds between different accounts depending on requirements. Reporting: Atlas Mara’s internet banking platform is flexible and supports real time reporting of account information. Users are given full visibility of activity on the accounts and are able to extract historical and current reports. Payments Services Atlas Mara appreciates that customers seek to effect payments in a just-in-time manner to maximise on operational cash flow. The bank is well positioned to provide a wide range of payment solutions to enhance processing efficiency. Our payments proposition covers the following: • Domestic and international transfers – both manual and electronic • Payroll processing – both manual and electronic • Bulk Electronic Payments • Electronic tax payments (E-tax) – for both Domestic and Customs payments • Electronic staff contributions payments (E-Napsa) • Pre-paid Card Services (Staff allowances, seasonal worker payments, travel allowances) Capital Expenditure Financing andWorking Capital Solutions At Atlas Mara we offer various financing solutions ranging from working capital financing to long-term capital expenditure finance which can be structured to fit the specific needs of our clients and other players within their Eco-system. Capabilities include: • Short and Long Term Loans • Pre and Post shipment Trade Loans • Bonds/Guarantee Issuance • Import and Export Letters of Credit • Structured Commodity Trade Finance • Receivables Financing • Supply Chain Finance Global Markets and Treasury Services Atlas Mara offers a wide range of treasury and investment services cutting across foreign exchange trading, money market, investment accounts and various yield enhancing solutions designed to enable our clients to optimise returns on excess cash balances. Our capabilities in the FX market is not only limited to Spot transactions but we are also able to structure hedging solutions depending on customer needs. Our treasury team comprises of highly experienced financial markets experts fully equipped to structure and deliver solutions to our customers. Relationship Management and Service At Atlas Mara, we believe the key to providing an efficient service is communication. Further, we know that working in partnership with our clients is the key to success. A pre-requisite of providing the services you desire is that we fully understand your requirements. Our dedicated Relationship team is there to review service levels, to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of our clients to unlock maximum value for them.