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ear readers and all our stakeholders,

On behalf of UNESCO National Commission of the United Republic

of Tanzania, I would like to welcome you all to the 14


Publication of

UNESCO – Tanzania Magazine which provides adequate, accurate and reliable information on the

UNESCO NatCom activities in the country for the year 2016/17. This edition is a continuation of

information sharing culture that the Commission has had since 2003 when the first publication was


The Magazine is released annually to inform the public and different stakeholders on programs and

projects that the Commission implemented throughout the year in Education, Natural Sciences, Social

and Human Sciences, Culture and World Heritage, and Communication and Information sectors.


producing this magazine?

The main objectives of releasing this publication annually include the following:

to inform the public about the activities done by UNESCO through the National Commission; to

strengthen the link between the State Party and the Commission on one hand, and United Nations

Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on the other; to raise discussions on different aspects

concerning the implemented projects; to provide feedback to the key stakeholders on how significant

their support and contributions have been, as well as to provide technical advice to the different agents

that in one way another have a role to play in pushing forward the national development agenda in

the United Republic of Tanzania.

In light of the above proclamation, it is evident that the National Commission for UNESCO alone

could not have been able to undertake different programs covered in the year under consideration. I

would therefore like to thank all our key stakeholders whose financial and non-financial support enabled

the Commission to undertake and implement different programs in the country. In particular, I would

like to express my sincere appreciation to UNESCO for its immense support and contribution without

which it would have been very difficult to realize the achievement reached so far.

I would also like to express my fraternal gratitude to all those who took part in representing the

institution and the government at large in different seminars, workshops, forums and trainings that

were coordinated by the National Commission. In a special way, I would also like to express my sincere

appreciation to the Commission’s staff for their support, advice, constructive criticism and endurance

in the course of dischargingmy responsibilities. They have been so active and supportive in implementing

the planned programmes and activities not only for the time under review but also for all the time I

have been serving the Commission as the Chief Executive Officer to-date.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support the commission received

from the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through various ministries that have been

working together with us in the course of executing our duties. Specifically, I would like to express my

deepest gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training for its indis-

pensable support to the Commission. It has always been our pleasure working under the Ministry’s

guidance and supervision, for it has constantly been providing us with the necessary resources needed

to plan and execute our responsibilities. I would like to assure the Ministry and the Government at large

that UNESCO National Commission will continue to work closely with our key stakeholders in ensuring

that the country continue to make appropriate progress towards implementation of national and inter-

national agenda – especially on Science, Technology and Innovation; Social and Human Sciences; Infor-

mation and Communication Technology; Natural and Cultural Heritage; Culture of Peace; and Education

for sustainable development.


Dr. Moshi M. Kimizi – Ph.D

Executive Secretary a.i.

UNESCO National Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania