Botswana And Unesco 18th Edition

E ducation for Sustain- able Development (ESD) is a holistic and transforma- tional education that addres- ses learning content and outcomes, pedagogy and the learning environment (UNESCO, 2017) to empower learners to make informed decisions and take responsi- ble actions that are sustain- ability inclined. Since sus- tainability starts with the teacher, it is imperative for teachers to be empowered to impart quality education, the vehicle to achieving sus- tainable development (SDG 4). Therefore ESD and SDG are Siamese twins hence are inseparable. As a department respon- sible for teacher training, we endeavor to produce “sus- tainable citizens” (Wals, 2015; Wals and Lenglet, 2016) as cited in (UNESCO, 2017), by equipping the teachers with relevant skills and compe- tencies in both the Colleges of Education & Technical Colleges. The teachers are then ushered to theMinistry of Basic Education, where they are absorbed into Pre- primary, Primary and Secon- dary Schools, private schools inclusive. Those from the Technical Institutions are mostly absorbed in other Technical Colleges, while others go into the society to make their living. On the 20 th September 2019, theMinistry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, graduated a total of 452 from the Affil- iated Institutions of the Uni- versity of Botswana. The graduates’ breakdown is as follows: • Diploma in Early Child- hood Care Education - 24; • Diploma in Primary Edu- cation - 144; • Diploma in Secondary Edu- cation - 68; • Diploma in Building & Civil Engineering - 52; • Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering - 34; • Diploma in Geomatics - 34; • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering – 42; • Diploma in Water & Envi- ronmental Engineering - 37; • Post Graduate Diploma in Technical &Vocational Edu- cation - 17. The following pictures shows snippets of the 9th Combined Graduation Cere- mony of the Affiliated Insti- tutions that was held at the University of Botswana In- door Sports Arena on the 20 th B OT SWANA AND UN E S C O Improving Access to Quality Education on Sustainable Development by Department of Teacher Training and Technical Education 19 BOTSWANA NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNESCO Elated Graduates.