Botswana And Unesco 18th Edition

T he 40 th Session of UNESCO General Conferencewas held from12 th -27 th November 2019 in Paris, France. It is a forum where UNESCO Member States, its AssociateMembers and observers from non- Member States, meet for pur- poses of reviewing and de- termining the policies and programmes to be imple- mented by the Organization in the next biennium. During this forum, Member States also elect members to serve in the different UNESCOGov- erning bodies, including the Executive Board. The Gen- eral Conference is organized according the different com- missions which sit at differ- ent times within the main programme of the General Conference. In his opening speech during the 40 th Session of UNESCO General Confer- ence, the UN Secretary-Gen- eral, Antonio Guterres, rec- ognized the critical role UNESCO is playing in pro- moting global peace through education, the sciences, cul- ture and communication and information. He high- lighted the relevance of eth- ical issues in science, and the safety of journalists to the work of UNESCO, noting the global normative instrument B OT SWANA AND UN E S C O Report on UNESCO‘s 40 th General Conference, Side Meetings and Celebrations 12-27 November 2019 UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France 11 BOTSWANA NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR UNESCO Ms. Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director- General.